Executive Dean of the Faculty of Science’s Welcoming Message

Thank you for choosing to study science in our Faculty of Science. It is our pleasure and privilege to welcome you. You have made the right choice to pursue your studies in our faculty and it is so exciting to walk this journey with you.  We have four schools that form the faculty of science. We have the School of Biomolecular & Chemical Sciences, School of Computing Sciences, Mathematics, Physics & Statistics, School of Environmental Sciences, and the School of Natural Resource Management which is situated at George Campus.  We have numerous interesting courses that we are offering in our schools. It is our mission to train and unleash your potential to rise as an integrated global citizen who embodies our values and be in service of society. Remember that whatever you choose to study in the Faculty of Science, in one way or another you will be working on solving several if not all of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) -from addressing poverty and making sure there is zero hunger, good health, and wellbeing, to studying biodiversity and climate change.  It is our promise we have made to produce world-class graduates who are critical thinkers, problem-solvers, and leaders of change. I hope you will demonstrate great perseverance in your studies, and you will not only be interested and motivated to learn science, but you will put more effort into assimilating everything you learn into your experience. Best wishes and Good Luck.

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