About the Forum
The purpose of this forum is to bring together the academician, data experts and industry practitioners to discuss the current challenges in data science and information technology as scientific computing is rapidly gaining increasing importance. The forum will monitor the impact of data science on the current undergraduate curriculum and postgraduate training; Identify open source for computing and data storage, provide platforms for sharing research ideas and computing tools (both interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary related), data sciences including but not limited to the areas in machine learning, artificial intelligence, data analytics, data visualization tools, and new computational ways of presenting data. The forum is co-chaired by Dr Adeniyi Ogunlaja and the Executive Dean of Science, Prof Azwinndini Muronga
Objective of the Forum
Provide a platform to the academicians / researchers / data experts/ scholars to exchange and share their research work in data Science through presentation.
Provide opportunities for discussion and information sharing platform for academicians / researchers / data experts/ scholars from various organizations regarding their new findings, technologies, and services.
Provide information for undergraduate curriculum development.
Foster a cross-disciplinary community of large data computing experts.
Who Should Join?
Academicians, data technologists, researchers (Post Doc, Research Fellow), and students (UG and PG) Professionals, Data experts and Consultants
How To join?
Please send your name, department/institution and contact details (email) to Science Marketing, Nelson Mandela University: science.marketing@mandela.ac.za. You are requested to extend support by encouraging your colleagues to join the forum