Dear Faculty of Science Staff & Students
The Faculty of Science, Science Education Forum invites you to a talk titled: Clean Energy Demonstration: An Introduction to Real and Virtual Lessons for Teacher and Learner Engagement by Dr Ron Beyers.

This is a talk about the outer planets, the Voyager spacecraft mission from the seventies and eighties, and how the mission transformed our understanding of the outer planets in our solar system. It will demonstrate, at a fundamental level, how basic sciences such as mathematics and physics proved to be vital for the mission, and the interplay of these basic sciences with data science and engineering.

The Department of Agricultural Sciences invites you to a virtual seminar talk on “Agricultural Entrepreneurship: How can we make Agriculture Sexy for the young people? by Prof Ikechi Agbugba which will be chaired by Dr M. Christian /Dr M Khapayi.

The Department of Agricultural Sciences invites you to the Postgraduate Student Training 2023 chaired by Ms. P Cingo/Ms. N Majola.