Event location: Inkanyezi Building (127) South Campus

Event date and time: 02/08/2023 17:30:00

Dear Staff and Students

We are excited to extend our warmest invitation to you for an exhilarating public lecture, titled "The Century of the Quantum: A Transformative Era in Science and Technology," presented by the esteemed Prof Azwinndini Muronga.

This captivating event will take you on an extraordinary journey through the century of quantum physics, exploring its profound impact on modern science and technology, and how it has reshaped our understanding of reality and revolutionized our world. Join us as we delve into the origins of this transformative era and witness the remarkable advances in chemistry, biology, and medicine, all of which owe their progress to the foundational principles of quantum physics.
To secure your seat, please RSVP by completing the online form.
The lecture promises to be educational, engaging, and accessible, suitable for both science enthusiasts and those curious about the marvels of quantum physics. Whether you are a student or a staff member, this talk offers an opportunity to immerse yourself in the captivating realm of quantum mechanics and its profound influence on modern science and technology.
We look forward to your presence at this transformative lecture and the opportunity to explore the wonders of quantum physics together.