Event location: Inkanyezi (Building 127), Ground Floor, Room 18.

Event date and time: 26/05/2023 13:00:00

This is a talk about the outer planets, the Voyager spacecraft mission from the seventies and eighties, and how the mission transformed our understanding of the outer planets in our solar system. It will demonstrate, at a fundamental level, how basic sciences such as mathematics and physics proved to be vital for the mission, and the interplay of these basic sciences with data science and engineering.

Dear All

We invite you to a talk titled:Voyager and the outer planets: Combination of Mathematics, Physics, Computing, Data Science and Engineering by Dr Martin Weigt, senior lecturer in the Mathematics department.

The talk will be hosted under the banner of the International Year of Basic Sciences for Sustainable Development (IYBSSD). The International Year of Basic Sciences for Sustainable Development is a key moment of mobilization to convince economic and political leaders, as well as every citizen, of the importance of considering and mastering basic sciences to ensure a balanced, sustainable and inclusive development of the planet.