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Faculty of Science


“Respect for diversity.

Excellence. Ubuntu. Integrity.

 Respect for the natural environment.

Taking responsibility.”

These are the values that both Michael and Deon Beauzec posses. It’s also these values that saw Deon achieve an average Matric mark of 85.1%, while his brother was nipping at his heels with 83.5%. Deon and Michael are now enrolled at NMMU studying towards a BSc in Chemistry in the hope of breaking into the medical field as soon as they have completed their degree.

It’s been no easy task for the two Otto du Plessis matriculants, who recently had to move to a small holding at Little Chelsea with extended family members. A spate of financial difficulties, due to unforseen circumstances, have forced the boys to take responsibility for their futures. Fortunately, Deon received the VC Scholarship for his average of 85.1%. The scholarship, to the tune of R82 782, is enough to pay for his and his brother’s studies with some money left over for textbooks.

“Not for one moment did I think

 about keeping it for myself” - Deon Beauzec

If they did not receive the scholarship, the boys would have taken a loan in order to pursue their goals of getting into the medical profession. Their mother, Pam believes her boys have the determination and more importantly, the attitude to achieve their goals. Both Deon and Michael hope to use their BSc as a stepping stone to get into the new NMMU Medical Practitioner degree in 2018.

The Beauzec family are firm believers in giving back to the community as their sisters graduated from NMMU with people based degrees; Bianca is teaching at a township school while Simoné is completing her community service training as a radiographer at Humansdorp Hospital.

It’s this community attitude that saw them take Luchian into their home, despite the fact they themselves were in financial troubles. Luchian, like Deon and Michael, is a dedicated, hard-working person and this led to him being acknowledged as a VC Scholar along with Deon (second from right).

Now that the boys have completed Matric, they can focus on their more social passion, soccer. Both are talented soccer players and will no doubt indulge in this passion in their free time. For Michael, the scholarship provided more than just monetary relief. It also means that “he and his brother won’t have to cut grass on weekends, but will instead be studying and playing sport again”.

On behalf of the Faculty of Science, we wish the three of you all the best for your degrees and are looking forward to seeing what you do with your degrees after graduating.