The Department of Chemistry held its annual Academic Awards ceremony to recognize the efforts of our accomplished graduates. The event took place at the Alumni Relations Center, North Campus, on Thursday 19 April 2018. In attendance was staff from the Chemistry Department and quests of the awardees, the Master of Ceremony being Mr Nehemiah Latolla. 


Prof. Gill Dealtry gave the opening and welcoming remarks and emphasized the importance of these awards and the recognition of excellence as well as the teamwork displayed by colleagues in chemistry and InnoVenton. The Head of Department, Prof. Z. Tshentu, congratulated the awardees for their commitment to excellence. On excellence, Prof Tshentu remarked that according to Vince Lombardi “Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection, we can catch excellence”. Rather than striving to get everything just right, strive to excel in your own way. Aristotle said, “Excellence is a habit.” Prof Tshentu said, “in addition, excellence is made continuous by the need to continue a process such that the experience is achieved all over again”. In his final comments, he encouraged the awardees to continue to shine everywhere they go.     

The Department of Chemistry had 139 students awarded diplomas and degrees in the April 19th graduation ceremony in various qualifications;  BSc with Chemistry major (24 students), BSc Hons in Chemistry (8 students, graduated in December 2017), Diploma in Analytical Chemistry (39 students), Advanced Diploma in Analytical Chemistry (3 students), Diploma in Polymer Technology (9 students), Diploma in Chemical Process Technology (27 students), Bachelor of Technology in Chemistry (2 students), BSc Honours in Formulation Science (4 students), Master degrees (2 MTech, 1 MSc Nanoscience and 8 MSc in Chemistry) and PhDs in Chemistry (4 students). Prof Tshentu thanked all staff (academic and support) for their input in the academic project as well as the coordinators of programmes for their sterling work to ensure the smooth delivery of the academic programme. The Department of Chemistry is also proud to be associated with the Centre for Rubber Science and Technology (Dr Percy Hlangothi as director), InnoVenton (Dr Gary Dugmore as director), uYilo (Prof Ferg as director) and DST/NRF SARChi in Microfluidic Bio/Chemical Processing occupied by Prof Paul Watts. These associations continue to make a significant contribution towards the success of our department.   

The awards were presented to the Top Students who obtained the highest marks, with distinctions. The Merit Certificates were awarded to: 

  • Best student for Diploma in Analytical Chemistry (Miss Nicole Naidoo)
  • Best student for Diploma in Chemical Process Technology (Miss Nosibusiso Jokani)
  • Best student for BSc Honours in Chemistry (Mr Jordan Slabbert)
  • Best student for BSc Honours in Formulation Science (Mr Siyabonga Shoba)
  • Best student for MSc in Chemistry (Mr Tendai Dembaremba)

The vote of thanks was done by Prof Paul Watts who thanked the organizers, Mr Jay Skuman, Ms Zimkitha Dyan, Ms Ayanda Mlaza and Ms Anita Noah for the splendid work done towards this event. He also thanked the parents for their sacrifice given the conditions around financing education in South Africa.

Once again congratulations to our Top Student Award winners!

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