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Faculty of Science


A 10% growth in graduates at both postgraduate and undergraduate level, accompanied by a 44% increase (compared to 2014) in the number of qualifications gained with distinction, called for an air of excitement during the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University’s autumn graduation in George on 10 April.


Master of Technology degrees awarded in the Faculty of Science (George Campus) focused on research in the areas of agriculture, forestry and nature conservation, while Master of Science degrees were awarded for research in the areas of botany and zoology. 

“NMMU George is poised for significant growth at postgraduate level. While the number of postgraduate degrees awarded from George Campus this year had doubled since 2014, the quality of academic mentorship/leadership is evident in the excellent graduate outcomes, with half of the postgraduate degrees being attained Cum Laude” says Prof Jos Louw, Director of the School of Natural Resource Management (SNRM) located at the NMMU George Campus.

“Furthermore, we take pride in the fact that the School of Natural Resource Management continues to contribute competent graduates at National Diploma level. This year the Science Faculty programmes offered at NMMU George rendered a record number of BTech graduates for various niche sectors such as agricultural management, game ranch management, nature conservation, wood technology and forestry”, said Prof Louw. 

Prestigious Schlich Medal (Gold) again finds a home at NMMU George

The prestigious industry accolade for excellence in forestry – the Schlich Medal, Gold - was again awarded to a graduate from the NMMU George Campus, Ms Noxolo Ndlovu, who had completed her National Diploma in Forestry Cum Laude, with an average of more than 80% annually for the duration of the three year qualification.  Ms Ndlovu is currently registered for the BTech Forestry degree at NMMU.

GOLDEN MOMENT...Mrs Weziwe Mthembu joined her daughter, Noxolo Ndlovu, recipient of the prestigious Schlich Medal, Gold, and top National Diploma: Forestry (Cum Laude) graduate at the NMMU George Campus graduation ceremony held at the George Civic Centre on 10 April.