• The duties of the Public relations officer (PRO) is to communicate, public relations, and public affairs for the forum. The PRO, either alone or with the help of a team, is responsible for conducting and managing all PR events and media relations for the forum.
  • Create innovative and engaging public relations and media campaigns.
  • Create promotional events to promote the forum and its purpose.
  • Write, edit and review all media content and press releases.
  • Handle PR related issues.
  • Serve as a spokesperson of the forum.
  • Market the forum to the rest of the university.
  • Submit PR reports.


Luchian Pullen – Public Relations Officer 1

Luchian Pullen is currently a second-year Master of Science (MSc) student in the physics department and based in the CHRTEM. His field of study is in electron microscopy and he is currently studying and characterising steels. He is also a physics tutor for first years and a practical demonstrator for the undergraduate degree, course. He is an avid reader and cyclist and has been known to go on occasional hikes.

Anesu Machite – Public Relations Officer 2

Anesu Machite holds a Bachelor Environmental Science and is currently pursuing a PhD in Botany. His key interests are in the ecology of mangrove forests South Africa and the future persistence and resilience of these important blue carbon ecosystems. He enjoys the great outdoors, working and collaborating with others.