• The duties of the Secretary shall include maintaining all the written records of the Science Postgraduate Student Forum and particularly the minutes of all regular and executive meetings.
  • Minutes shall be made available to the general membership via emails or the SPSF WhatsApp group.
  • The secretary duties shall include updating the Science Postgraduate Student Forum committee.
  • The secretary shall also be responsible for sending out thank-you cards to speakers and other individuals as directed by the Executive Committee.


Zizipho Ngayeka - Secretary

Zizipho Ngayeka holds an MSc degree in Inorganic/Analytical chemistry and is currently a chemistry PhD candidate at Nelson Mandela University. She is the chemistry department student/postgraduate representative. She is the founding member of the Science Postgraduate Student Forum, where she holds the role of secretary. She has participated in teaching and learning activities at the university, which adds value to the wholistic experience for 1st through 3rd years. As a professional photographer, she has contributed to the design of the website for the chemistry department and has handled social media pages for various departments. She has worked as a research assistant at the Chair for Critical Studies in Higher Education Studies. She also has multidisciplinary experience as she has held research assistant roles in the sciences and in the humanities.

Mongikazi Gxilishe – Deputy Secretary

Mongikazi Gxilishe is Geoscience Representative in the Science Postgraduate Student Forum. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Environmental Science and an Honour's Degree in Environmental Geography. Mongikazi is currently pursuing her Master of Science (MSc) degree in Geography. She is a member of the Golden Key International Honour Society and is registered Candidate Natural Scientist with the South African Council for Natural Scientific Professions. She is a Junior Environmental Scientist with three years of experience and expertise in scientific research and environmental consulting.