• The duties of the Treasurer shall include receiving all SPSF funds, keeping a full and accurate account of these funds and depositing all money into the account at the Finance Office.
  • The Treasurer shall also interact with the Finance Office on behalf of the SPSF. Fund disbursement may not be made except by approval of the Chairperson or by a majority vote.
  • The SPSF account shall be current at all times and a full financial report shall be available upon demand of any SPSF member or advisor.
  • The Treasurer shall be required to be present the account balance and all transactions at each general meeting.
  • The Treasurer shall arrange transportation to all SPSF functions that require the services of University Fleet Operations
  • Finances will be audited.


Itumeleng Zosela - Treasurer

Itumeleng Zosela is a PhD Physiology candidate. Her PhD research focuses on colon cancer treatment. She graduated from the University of Pretoria with a BSc (Microbiology), the University of the Western Cape with a BSc (Hons) Medical Biosciences, and Nelson Mandela University with an MSc Nanoscience (Cum Laude). As part of her postgraduate studies, she has also taken on several leadership positions, including mentoring first- and second-year Nanoscience Master students, coordinating journal club sessions, and serving as a brand ambassador for Nelson Mandela University's Global Challenges University Alliance (GCUA2030). She was selected as part of the Novartis next generation scientist program in 2022.

Bouwer Botha – Deputy Treasurer

Bouwer Botha is an academic who studied Computing Sciences and Statistics at Nelson Mandela University, where he graduated with Honours. He also completed his BSc Honours in Computing Sciences and Information Systems and was awarded the Rupert family trust award for Best Honours Graduate in the Science, Engineering, and Technology areas in 2021. Currently, Bouwer is pursuing a Master of Science in Computing Sciences, specializing in robotics and artificial intelligence. He also works as a contract lecturer at Nelson Mandela University, where he enjoys sharing his knowledge and passion for the field with students. Bouwer values the importance of education and believes that teaching and research are vital components of the growth and development of the computing sciences industry. He strives to be an asset to the university community, always looking for opportunities to learn and contribute to the field.