We are a transdisciplinary, engaged, ethical and sustainable  21st century African Faculty of Science in the service of society and we strive to advance understanding of the world around us through excellence in research , teaching and engagement.



  • To be a world-class engaged and transdisciplinary African Faculty of Science that responds to socio-economic and environmental challenges in society.



  • To offer a diverse range of life-changing pure and applied science-based learning, teaching, research, training, innovation, engagement and transformational experiences, which develop excellent graduate- and staff attributes for sustainable futures.



  • Diversity, Inclusion & Equity
  • Excellence
  • Ubuntu
  • Social Justice and Equality
  • Integrity
  • Environmental Stewardship
  • Responsibility
  • Safety and Wellness


Philosophy and Principle

  • Strength in Diversity and Inclusion in Science


Brand Promise

  • Discovering, Educating, and Engaging to Change the World


Graduate Attributes

  • In-depth disciplinary knowledge as the foundation
  • and platform for pursuing transdisciplinary knowledge
  • Literacy, numeracy, and abstract thinking skills
  • Social awareness, responsible citizenship, service to society
  • Environmental stewardship for a sustainable future
  • Ethical, accountable, integrity
  • Adaptive expertise and collaboration in networks and partnerships
  • Creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship
  • Computational and programming skills
  • Complex problem-solving and critical thinking ability
  • Intra- and inter-personal skills
  • Strong communication skills


Staff Attributes

  • Committed and dedicated
  • Student-centric and compassionate
  • Competent and innovative
  • Open-minded and emotionally intelligent
  • Collaborative and team orientated
  • Resilient and able to persevere
  • Ethical, socially responsible and values driven
  • Analytical, complex problem-solving, critical thinking and informed
  • Technology-oriented
  • Visionary